SARL Taylor Air Race, 12-04-2014
A fine day for an air race.

Texoma 100 Air Race 29-3-2014
Lots of racers came out for the first race of the season, and were rewarded with a fabulous weather day to fly.

Rocket 100 Air Race, 9-11-2013
The final race of the season, with end-of-year awards.

Jasper Ghost Run Air Race, 26-10-2013
And Bob flew off into the blue skies.

Cleveland Air Race Revival, 12-10-2013
Lots of local folks came out to spectate at the Cleveland race.

CTBA Lake Travis Balloon Flight, 03-08-2013
Six balloons launched over the waters of Lake Travis. Lots of people came to watch.

AirVenture Cup Race Finish, Waupaca, 28-07-2013
A grey and windy finish line greeted 40-odd racers at the end of their 400 mile race from Mount Vernon, IL.

Thunder over Cedar Creek Lake, 06-07-2013
This show over the water is always a great event.

Kingsbury Air Fair, 11-05-2013
Kingsbury never disappoints; plenty of vintage goodness to be had here.

SARL Memorial 150 Air Race, 25-05-2013
Some interesting weather about, but everyone enjoyed a good race.

SARL Hill Country 150 Air Race, 27-04-2013
Bright wildflowers and fast airplanes at this great Hill Country race. Video of the Lancair Legacy is here:

Bluebonnet Airshow, 13-04-2013
A cracking good airshow, full of variety.

SARL Taylor Air Race, 13-04-2013
Nine racers enjoyed good racing weather around Taylor.

SARL Texoma Air Race, 06-04-2013
A good turnout for the first SARL race of the season! However gusty winds kept the top speeds down.

SARL Rocket 100 Air Race, 10-11-2012
The final race of the season combined with a fly-in brought plenty of folks out to enjoy aviation.

SARL Jasper Air Race, 27-10-2012
A cold and bright morning saw a fine air race and some interesting local aircraft.

SARL Cleveland Air Race, 13-10-2012
A fine day out at the races.

AirVenture Cup Air Race, 22-07-2012
The finish point of the 400+ mile race, with forty aircraft competing.

Thunder Over Cedar Creek, 07-07-2012
This lakeside show featured some great performers! Flat light didn't help the photos, but the night airshow made up for that big style.

CTBA Club Flight, 23-06-2012
A fine early morning with five balloons. I crewed for 'Spirit'.

Biplane Fly-In, 28-04-2012
Lots of biplanes and a selection of monoplanes descended on San Marcos. Plenty of general pubic made this a well-attended event.

Kingsbury Air Fair, 28-04-2012
Some nice visitors and a fun time.

SARL Memorial 150 Air Race, 26-05-2012
Sport Air Racers take over Terrell for a splendid morning of racing.

ISAP 2012: NAS Oceana, 18-05-2012
More F-18s than I have ever seen! Thank you to VFA-31 Squadron for being such excellent hosts.

SARL Hill Country 150 Air Race Llano, 21-04-2012
I am not sure if the planes or the wildflowers were more colourful, but this was a great race.

Bluebonnet Airsho, Burnet, 14-04-2012
This small but perfectly formed show never disappoints!

SARL Texoma 100 Air Race, 31-03-2012
30 Racers started the SARL 2012 season in style.

Collings Foundation visit, 25-03-2012
A quick look at some visiting warbirds.

IAC24 Aerobatic Practise, 24-03-2012
A beautiful spring day, a grass airstrip in the middle of nowhere and a bunch of aerobatic planes. Heaven!

T-28 Flying Clinic, 16-03-2012
The Trojan Phlyers host a formation clinic, although bad weather stymied most activity this weekend.

B-17 Visit, 11-11-2011
The B-17 'Aluminum Overcast' stops for a visit.

SARL Rocket 100 Air Race, Taylor, 19-11-2011
A blustery and overcast day didn't make the best racing conditions, but everyone enjoyed the last SARL race of the season.

Kingsbury Fall Fly-In, 12-11-2011
A gusty wind kept the older planes grounded, but plenty of visitors showed up and folks had a great day.

Elm Creek Fly-In, 05-11-2011
My first time at Elm Creek, and I hope not the last - a lovely place, filled with people and planes enjoying themselves.

Wings Over Houston, 16-10-2011
This was a great show with a couple of unusual items on the menu.

SARL Cleveland Revival Air Race, 15-10-2011
A beautiful day and lots of racers and spectators, and the finish line right in front of us made this a fun race.

Georgetown AirFest, 01-10-2011
A quick visit to Georgetown for the tail end of a well-attended AirFest. Travelling in style in a Cirrus SR-20 :-)

Oshkosh 2011: Showplanes 25/30-07-2011
Lots of fabulous planes from Navy CoNA birds to aerobatics to one-of-a-kind aircraft.

Oshkosh 2011: Air Racers 24/26-07-2011
I spotted some SARL folks in amongst the fast and pointy Air Venture Cup racers.

Oshkosh 2011: Seaplanes 25/28-07-2011
Two visits to the Seaplane Base this year; one sparkly sunny day and one grey day. Both good.

CTBA Lake Travis Balloon Flight, 06-08-2011
The annual CTBA lake flight was a big success, with large numbers of the public attending.

Oshkosh 2011: Flying Cars, 24-07-2011
A brace of flying cars descend on the 1950's diner just south of Wittman Field.

SARL West Texas 100 Air Race, 18-06-2011
Eleven racers braved the insane heat to race over the flatlands and canyons of West Texas.

Allen Airways Flying Museum, 3-6-2011
A jewel of a museum on Gillespie Field.

SARL Memorial 150 Air Race, 28-05-2011
The SARL moves their action to Terrell, with an early morning start and race finish line at the Bennetts' grass airstrip.

Kingsbury Air Fair, 07-05-2011
Strong winds kept the visitor numbers lower than usual, but plenty of good flying and fun was to be had anyway.

SARL Lone Star Air Rally, Galveston, 14-05-2011
A bright and windy day greeted the competitors for this SARL race. Lots of good flybys at Turn 5.

Central Texas Airshow, Temple, 06-05-2011
My first time at the sunset show, but it won't be my last with such great performers and lighting.

Biplane Fly-in, San Marcos, 30-04-2011
A dozen or so biplanes braved the strong winds to delight folks at this lovely event.

Bluebonnet Airshow, Burnet, 08-04-2011
A lot of new performers brought some fresh air to this friendly airshow.

SARL Taylor 150 Air Race, 02-04-2011
The first SARL air race of the season!

Oshkosh 2010 - Jets - 27-07-2010
Classic and military jets. Lots of 'em!

Oshkosh 2010 - DC-3s, 27-07-2010
A plethora of DC-3 aircraft attended Oshkosh this year.

CTBA Lake Flight, 07-08-2010
The CTBA Lake Travis flight with a dozen balloons enjoying floating over the water.

CTBA Club Flight, 02-01-2011
A colourful start to the New Year.

CTBA Club Flight, 12-02-2011
Ten balloons launched into the bright and cold morning.

SARL Rocket 100 Air Race, Taylor, 19/20-11-2010
41 competitors duked it out at the last SARL Air Race of the season.

Kingsbury Fly-In, 13-11-2010
A very well attended fly-in, mostly consisting of taildraggers!

Kelly AFB, 05-11-2010
A tour of 356 Squadron, home of C5 Galaxy flight training in San Antonio

Alliance Air-to-Air, 30-10-2010
One of the most awesome experiences ever! Hanging out of the back of a B-25 with beautiful aircraft mere feet away, on a perfect Texas evening.

Alliance Airshow, 29/30-10-2010
Two days of blue skies and hardcore airshow performers. Smoke on!

Reklaw, 23-10-2010
The 2010 Reklaw Fly-in and Camp Out - not to be missed! A huge storm Saturday night diminished numbers slightly, but not the fun.

Georgetown Fly-In, 25-09-2010
Georgetown held an open day to which pilots and public alike were invited. A bunch of interesting planes attended, and the event was very popular.

T-43 Retirement, Randolph AFB, 17-09-2010
I was privileged to attend the T-43 Gator retirement ceremony, and see her fly for the last time.

McKinney International KTKI, 14-09-1020
A visit to an East Dallas airport, during which they capped the new control tower.

T-43 Flight, Randolph AFB, 01-09-2010
A fabulous media ride flight aboard the T-43 Gator, over West Texas.

Oshkosh 2010 - Seaplanes, 27/29-07-2010
My favourite part of Oshkosh, so these are up first: Seaplanes! Two visits to the Seaplane Base this year; one at dawn. Lovely.

SARL Mesquite Air Race, 17-07-2010
The Sport Air Racing League held a round of their racing series at Mesquite.

Airspeed Online at Beale AFB, 12/13-07-2010
Steve Tupper of Airspeed Online gets a T-38 ride courtesy of USAF's 9th Reconnaisance Wing. Lots of T-38, U-2 and Global Hawks live here.

SARL West Texas 100 Air Race & Fly-In, Plainview, 05-06-2010
Boiling hot (103F!), blue skies and lots of racers! Coupled with smooth air and a fly-out to Cap Rock Canyon, this was a great day.

Spring Air Fair, Kingsbury, 08-05-2010
A stiff morning crosswind kept visitor numbers low but fun was had by all, with the icing on the cake being air-to-air shots of the Canuck.

Central Texas Airshow, 01-05-2010
Always a good show, this year we saw the Texas Raiders B-17 and an F-16 landed at Temple for the first time.

Red Flag! 05-03-2010
A fabulous opportunity to shoot the amazing Red Flag exercise from between the runways. It was awesome.

Red Flag from Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 04-03-2010
A very fine afternoon spent with friends, watching the recoveries during Red Flag.

Field Trip to Edwards AFB, 03-03-2010
A small group of ISAP attendees enjoyed a tour of Edwards, including shooting from the flightline.

A visit to Mojave, 03-03-2010
A very pleasant morning watching the Test Pilot School activity.

Randolph Airshow, 07-11-2009
A misty start gave way to bright sunshine, while some great displays were performed, with lots of lovely jet noise.

Randolph Airshow Media Day, 05-11-2009
The Disabled American Veterans and Randolph AFB combined to put on one heck of an afternoon for local wounded airmen, and I got to fly air-to-air with Greg Poe and a B-25!

Wings Over Houston, 01-11-2009
A fabulous deep blue sky illuminated a multitude of bombers, as well as the Blue Angels.

Reklaw Fly-in, 24/25-10-2009
Fabulous flying weather, plenty of action and the chance to arrive at Reklaw in style, aboard a Cessna 172; flying home in a Cessna 182. Magic!

Rougham Airshow, 16-08-2009
A quick break from the Texas furnace to a cooler, bright British summer, filled with friends and aircraft I haven't seen in a few years. Good times!

Oshkosh - Airshow, 27-07-2009 - 01-08-2009
Some of the best airshow performers in the world fly at Oshkosh. Here's a selection of them.

Oshkosh - Showcases - 27-07-2009 - 01-08-2009
Here's the A380, White Knight 2 and all the other new and shiny aircraft types demonstrating at Oshkosh.

Oshkosh - Seaplanes, 27-07-2009 - 01-08-2009
You can't get much better than watching aircraft splashing about at Oshkosh Seaplane Base.

Pancake Breakfast Fly-in, New Braunfels, 11-07-2009
Pancakes for free! Who can resist? They're good ones too, and all the better for being eaten in the company of local pilots.

Kingsbury Air Fair, 20-06-2009
A splendid and very hot day at Pioneer Flight Museum. Too windy to fly the Triplane but a visiting Nieuport 28 was very welcome.

A Day at Kelly AFB, 09-06-2009
Col. Kelley of the 149th FW was kind enough to take me and some friends on base to watch their F-16s fly.

Airspeed Online at Randolph AFB, 14-05-2009
Steve Tupper of Airspeed Online got to ride in a T6-A Texan II. I was there to photograph the proceedings, along with Will Hawkins of Wilco Films.

Central Texas Airshow, Temple, 02-05-2009
Dull weather didn't dampen this display, which included one of the best pyrotechnic re-enactments I've ever seen, with loads of Vietnam War era aircraft, troops and vehicles.

Sun'n'Fun Aerobatics and Statics, 22-25/04/2009
A huge pile of aerobatics, classics, ultralights and more from Lakeland Linder Airport.

Balloons at Sun'n'Fun, 22-25/04/2009
6am each morning at Lakeland saw beautiful ground mist and the launching of Balloons! Saturday was the mass ascent; a wonderful visual spectacle.

Sun'n'Fun Seaplanes, 23-04-2009
These seabirds just get better and better! Glorious weather and a wide variety of aircraft made this day a treat.

Bluebonnet Airshow, Burnet, TX 11-04-2009
Dull, dark clouds made for challenging photographic conditions but the airshow was its usual splendid friendly self.

Collings Foundation Tour, San Marcos, 18-03-2009
Brilliant sunshine brought out the sparkle on these warbirds on their tour around the US.

SARL Air Race, Taylor, 15-03-2009
Low cloud and rain cleared slowly and allowed the race eventually. All good fun.

SARL Air Race, Taylor, 22-11-2008
Nineteen competitors raced against the clock via nearby airfields. Overcast conditions but a fun morning.

Lackland AirFest, 01-11-2008
A welcome dose of military hardware, including my first sighting of the Blue Angels.

Reklaw Fly-In, 24-10-2008
This fabulous event was blessed with 600 aeroplanes, gorgeous weather and great fun.

Annual Fly-in, Taylor, 27-09-2008
Plenty of local folks turned out to see aircraft and classic cars at Taylor's friendly event.

Breakaway Airpark Fly-in, 27-09-2008
Once again there was a fabulous atmosphere at Breakaway, with plenty of excellent missed approaches!

Oshkosh 2008: Scenery
Last but not least! Aerial shots of the airfield and other views around the area. I hope you have enjoyed these pictures from Osh. Roll on next year!

Oshkosh 2008: Warbirds
Here they are; a plethora of P-51s and a tirade of T-6s, amongst many other fine flying machines.

Oshkosh 2008: Seaplanes
The seaplane base is fabulous and should not be missed! The light is wonderful at all times of day.

Oshkosh 2008: Vintage
Sales of aircraft polish must rocket in the Vintage and Classic area.

Oshkosh 2008: Racers
Examples of Reno-style air racing, straight speed chasers and the new Rocket Racing League were all very cool.

Oshkosh 2008: General Aviation
Here's all the GA action, from homebuilts to the latest light jets.

Oshkosh 2008: Aerobatics
Here are the fast and furious aerial performers.

Oshkosh 2008: Helicopters
I took a flight in a Bell 47 and saw plenty more rotorcraft in all shapes and sizes.

Oshkosh 2008: Heavy Iron
I finally made it to Oshkosh! Lots of pictures to come. This first batch features all that is big and/or fast.

Flying Legends, 12-07-2008
The 2008 Flying Legends airshow was excellent as always. A couple of showers did not dampen the cavalcade of warbird displays.

Flying over East Anglia, 10/11-07-2008
Flying in a SportCruiser over the lush green fields of England!

RAF Cosford museum visit, 09-07-2008
This museum is wonderful; filled with unique experimental aircraft from the golden age of British aviation.

Annual BBQ Fly-in, Kittie Hill, 21-06-2008
A fabulous grass airfield with plenty of visitors on this hot day, all here for delicious Texas barbeque.

La Grange Monthly BBQ Fly-in, 22-06-2008
A beautiful sky for June's BBQ feast. A good turn-out despite the blustery conditions.

Spring Air Fair, Kingsbury, 24-05-2008
The long-awaited flights of the Canuck and Fokker Triplane were a sight to behold . Most people bailed out by 2pm due to the heat but the morning was excellent.

Smithville Fly-In, 17-05-2008
Exceptionally early starts have their rewards - in this case a balloon flight! The morning brought out lots of other aircraft later on for a successful fly-in at this small, friendly airport.

Bluebonnet Picnic, Cannon Field, 10-05-2008
This delightful private grass airfield played host to a gathering of wartime liaison aircraft for the day.

New Braunfels Pancake Breakfast Fly-In, 10-05-2008
Murky morning weather kept the turnout low but the pancakes were delicious!

Bluebonnet Airshow, Burnet, 12-04-2008
Always a good start to the Central Texas airshow season, this year's Burnet show enjoyed gentle sunshine under speckled skies.

Fantasy of Flight Museum, Polk City, FL, 10-04-2008
Kermit Weeks' private aircraft collection spans a wide range of years, with both civilian and military airframes.

Sun'n'Fun Splash-In at Fantasy of Flight, 10-04-2008
To see so many seaplanes at once was a dream come true! Fabulous weather brought out the glitter in the water on Lake Agnes and showed these seabirds at their best.

EAA Museum, Lakeland, FL, 09-04-2008
The museum at Lakeland is well worth a visit in its own right. Some excellent homebuilt/classic aircraft reside within.

Sun'n'Fun Fly-In, 09/10-04-2008
A wide variety of weird, wonderful and shiny new aircraft were present at Lakeland. Two days is not enough to see it all.

Journey from Bay City, TX to Sun'n'Fun Fly-In, 08/11-04-2008
Flying in a Piper Aztec to Sun'n'Fun in Florida! The journey took eight hours each way and was a lot of fun.

Collings Foundation Tour, Austin Bergstrom, 04-04-2008
A bright sunny day greeted the Collings Foundation bombers and their P-51C Mustang.

Taylor 125 Air Race, Taylor, 29-03-2008
Lousy weather below VFR minimums unfortunately scuppered this air race. Some fine aircraft on the ramp nonetheless.

ISAP 2008: DFW Airport, 01-03-2008
A small group of ISAP members was given access to walk on the taxiways at DFW for a morning. The only way to get any closer to these aircraft is to be flying in them!

ISAP 2008: Bell Helicopter, 29-02-2008
Bell's X-Worx is the home of the new BA609 Tiltrotor. Based at Arlington Field, plenty of other aircraft kept us busy during the afternoon.

ISAP 2008: Vought Heritage Foundation, 29-02-2008
Some amazing aircraft are being restored by a dedicated group of Vought retirees.

ISAP 2008: Lockheed-Martin, Carswell Field, 29-02-2008
An exclusive look at the P-38 and F-35 Lightnings, together with a brand new F-16, at their home base.

BBQ Fly-In, La Grange, 01-01-2008
A delightfully warm January day saw a good turn out for the first barbeque of the year.

Fall Fly-in, Kingsbury, 17-11-2007
Dull weather limited the turnout but a fun day was had, watching engine runs on the Fokker Triplane and flights by the Rearwin Sportster.

Waco Air Fiesta, 10-11-2007
A pleasant small air show with an unexpected bonus of the US President's helicopter entourage.

Randolph AFB Airshow, 03-11-2007
A fine military airshow with great displays from the C-17, F-15 and a hang glider, amongst other things.

Reklaw Fly-in, 26/28-10-2007
One of the most excellent fly-ins it has been my pleasure to attend, with over 400 aircraft arriving at this private East Texas ranch during the weekend!

Moonlight Fund Airshow, New Braunfels, 19/20-10-2007
Deep blue skies, fabulous flying and airside access made this a show to remember!

Breakaway Airpark Fly-In, 13-10-2007
Some great aircraft and flying going on at this Good Neighbour Appreciation day at a local airpark.

A day out at San Marcos, 05-10-2007
Taking in the general airport activity.

Taylor Fly-in, 22-09-2007
Some interesting aircraft showed up at Taylor on this gloriously sunny day.

BBQ Fly-In, La Grange, 01-09-2007
A good number of GA aircraft are enticed out by bright hazy sunshine and tasty Texas barbeque.

Marble Falls Lakefest, 11-08-2007
A slight departure from the usual, in which we visit the Hill Country for some very cool drag boat racing.

CTBA Lake Flight, 11-08-2007
The annual Central Texas Balloon Association flight over Lake Travis, at dawn, where some balloons try to touch the water.

Dell Children's Hospital Opening, Mueller Airport, Austin, TX 26-06-2007
Too windy for their envelopes, a row of balloon burners light up the night at the old Mueller airport.

Grand Canyon tour, Arizona, 16-06-2007
Mid-size turboprops and helicopters vie for the best view of the Grand Canyon.

EAA Southwest Fly-In, Hondo, TX 01-06-2007
Lots of shiny new GA types on show at this big regional fly-in.

Kingsbury Aerodrome Fly-in, 12-05-2007
Fabulous fly-in with bright sunshine and some lovely vintage aircraft.

Central Texas Airshow, 05-05-2007

American Heroes Airshow, Austin, 21-04-2007

Bluebonnet Airshow, 14-04-2007

Collings Foundation Tour, Austin Bergstrom, 09-04-2007

ISAP 2007: Hurlbert AFB visit, 16-03-2007

ISAP 2007: Air Force Armament Museum, 16-03-2007

ISAP 2007: National Museum of Naval Aviation, 16-03-2007

ISAP 2007: Base Visit with US Navy Training Squadron VT-10, 16-03-2007

ISAP 2007: Flying between DFW and Pensacola, 14/18-03-2007

An afternoon at Georgetown, 02-03-2007

An RV Rendezvous at Lockhart, 25-02-2007

A day at Austin Bergstrom, 23-02-2007

A day at San Marcos, 05-01-2007

Texas Air Fiesta, Waco, TX, 11-11-2006

Lackland AirFest, San Antonio, 04-11-2006

Georgetown Airport, 29-10-2006

Las Vegas, 25/26-10-2006

Moonlight Airshow, New Braunfels, 23-10-2006

Tex Hill Wing Fly-In, Fredericksburg, 14-10-2006

Rougham Air Show, 20-08-2006

PFA Rally, Kemble, 18-08-2006

Stoke Golding Stakeout, 22-07-2006

Summer Air Display, Old Warden, 02-07-2006

Waddington Airshow, 01-07-2006

Flying from Sarlat-Domme Aerodrome, France, 29-06-2006

Wings Wheels & Steam, Rougham, 24-06-2006

Kemble Air Day, 18-06-2006

Vans Fly-In and Luscombe Tour, Old Buckenham, 10-06-2006

Southend Airshow, 28-06-2006

Flyer Forum meet-up, Rougham Airfield, 01-05-2006

Days out from Waits Farm, 22/29-03-2006

Duxford, 12-03-2006

Lakenheath, 04-10-2005

Rougham Ploughs to Propellers Fly-In, 01/02-10-2005

Fly-In, Old Buckenham, 24-09-2005

Old Warden Pageant, 04-09-2005

Little Gransden Airshow, 28-08-2005

Rougham Airshow, 20/21-09-2005

Seething Air Show, 14-08-2005

Random Place and Time

Lowestoft Air Show, 28-07-2005

Stoke Golding Stakeout, 23-07-2005

Pre-Legends Friday, Duxford, 08-07-2005

Wings, Wheels & Steam, Rougham Airfield, 25/26-06-2005

Air-Britain Fly-In, North Weald, 19-06-2005

Today's Pilot Fly-In, Nottingham Tollerton, 04/05-06-2005

Pitts Formation Leics-Notts (Courtesy Today's Pilot Magazine), 05-06-2005

Southend Airshow, 29-05-2005

Raydon Wings, 15-05-05

Duxford VE Day Anniversary Show, 07-05-05

Duxford, 01-05-05

Spring Foot-launched and Microlight Festival, Northrepps, 16-04-2005

North Weald New Year Fly-In, 02-01-2005

Shipdham Airfield, 09-10-2004

Rougham Airfield, 02/03-10-2004

Elmsett Airfield, 18-09-2004

Raydon Wings, 11-09-04

Rougham Air Display, 21/22 August 2004

Elmsett Airfield, 03-07-2004

Wings, Wheels & Steam, Rougham, 26/27-06-2004

Fathers' Day Fly-in, Priory Farm, 20-06-2004

Air-Britain Fly-in, North Weald, 19-06-2004

Today's Pilot Fly-in, Nottingham Tollerton, 13-06-04

Moth Club Rally, Old Warden, 12-06-2004

Aerofair, North Weald, 23-05-04

Great Vintage Flying Weekend, Abingdon, 15-05-04

Seething, April 2004

North Weald New Year Fly-in, 04-01-2004

Shuttleworth Fly-in, Old Warden, 17-12-2003

NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, 16-08-2003

North Weald Halloween Fly-in, 26-10-2003

London Heathrow, 23/24-10-2003

Austin Bergstrom Airport, August 2003

Duxford Autumn Show, 12-10-2003

Duxford, 05-10-2003

Aeronauts & Aviators Fly-in, Rougham, 04/05-10-2003

Somewhere in Texas, in the summer of 2003

Lago Vista Airfield, TX, 07-09-2003

New Braunfels Air Expo, TX, 06-09-2003

USS Lexington, Corpus Christi, TX, 20-08-2003

B&W: CAF Hangar, San Marcos / Lockhart Airfield, TX, 18/21-07-2003

Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Addison Airport, TX, 21-06-2003

CAF Dew Line Squadron Open House, Tradewinds Airfield, Amarillo, TX

EAA Southwest Fly-In, New Braunfels, TX, 16/17-05-2003

Taylor Airfield, TX, 13-05-2003

Central Texas Airshow, Temple, TX, 03-05-2003

Lone Star Flight Museum Airshow, Galveston, TX, 26-04-2003

Bluebonnet Airshow, Burnet, TX, 12-04-2003

Georgetown Airport, TX, 11-04-2003

Narodni Technicke Muzeum, Prague, 07-02-2003

Duxford, 22-01-2003

The Squadron New Year Fly-in, North Weald, 05-01-2003

Aeronauts & Aviators Fly-in, Rougham, 5/6-10-2002

Shipdham Harvest Festival Fly-in, 28-09-2002

Constellation at Duxford, 25-09-2002

Stearman Fly-in, Tibenham, 07-09-2002

Shuttleworth Pageant, 01-09-2002

Rougham Airshow & Fly-in, 17/18-09-2002

North Weald All-Comers Fly-In, 11-08-2002

Farnborough, 26-07-2002

RIAT Fairford, 20-07-2002

Flying Legends, Duxford, 14-07-2002

Duxford, 12-07-2002

Shuttleworth Summer Airshow, 07-07-2002

Wings, Wheels & Steam Fly-In, Rougham, 30-06-2002

Waddington Airshow, 29-06-2002

Rougham Press Day, 26-06-2002

PFA Rally, Cranfield, 23-06-2002

Duxford Hangar 3 Photoshoot, 19-06-2002

Aerofair 2002, North Weald, 19-05-2002

Shuttleworth 1st Sunset Display, 18-05-2002

Duxford May Airshow, 05-05-2002

Duxford, 03-05-2002

RAF Marham Open Day (2 Squadron 90th Anniversary), 06-04-2002

Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, 31-03-2002

Shipdham Fattening Puddings Fly-in, 30-03-2002

Duxford, 13-03-2002

Gibraltar, 1935 by A. E. Mitchell

Duxford Hangar 4 Photoshoot, 23-01-2002

Duxford American Air Museum Photoshoot, 17-10-2001

Rougham Fly-in, 14-10-2001

Duxford September show, 09-09-2001

Raydon Wings, 01-09-2001

Air-Britain Fly-In, North Weald, 26-08-2001

Rougham Air Display, 19-08-2001

Shuttleworth Military Pageant, 05-08-2001

Old Buckenham Airfield, 29-07-2001

Rougham Airfield, 15-07-2001

May 1987, by Kenneth Johansson

Duxford, Flying Legends, 08-07-2001

Duxford, Flying Legends, 06-07-2001

North Weald, 01-07-2001

Waddington, 30-06-2001

Southend Airport, 27-05-2001

Mildenhall, 26-05-2001

Mildenhall, 14-04-2001

North Weald Aerofair 19-05-01

Duxford Spring show, May 2001

DeHavilland Heritage Museum, 19-04-2001

Snetterton, 15-04-2001

Duxford, 13-04-2001

Duxford, 08-04-2001

Duxford, 11-03-2001

Duxford 21-01-2001

Florida, January 2001

Warsaw, October 2000

Brands Hatch, October 2000

NY, 08-10-2000

Denver, Sept 2000 by Charles Minow

Duxford, Sept 2000

Duxford, August 2000

Duxford, Summer 2000

Duxford - Flying Legends, July 2000

Mildenhall, May 2000

Duxford, May 2000

Duxford, Spring 2000

Duxford, April 2000

Duxford, March 2000


Fairford 1999

Fairford 1998

RAF Hendon Air Museum March 1998

Prestwick, May 1997

Heathrow 1997

Heathrow June 1996

Fairford 1995

Gloucester Airport, 1995

Fairford 1994

Boscombe Down July 1992

Fairford 1991

Fairford 1983

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